P r e - A m p l i f i c a t o r / E n h a n c e r
D u a l - M o n o/ S t e r e o

make by musician
for musician.

Here come the STIGMATA, where the warmth of analog meets the precision of digital in perfect harmony.

Crafted with passion by musicians for musicians, our dual mono preamp represents the pinnacle of sound engineering.

Analog Path Signal :
Pure analog essence,
Digital Ease.
Experience unaltered, 100% analog signal path that maintains the integrity of your sound. STIGMATA's digital interface enhances control without touching the analog core, ensuring your tone remains authentically yours. From input to output, it offers a pristine, harmonically rich journey, empowering you with precision while keeping the signal purely analog.
Clean path:
Mastery of Tone,
through precision.
Control the ECC82 tube's gain through EHC function, for a deeper harmonic landscape. With the innovative 'AIR' mode, gain an extra 10dB and explore nuanced tonal shifts, perfect for direct recordings. Each adjustment unveils a spectrum of sound, making your audio journey both pure and profoundly versatile.
The new EHC device created by Beurart allows you to take control of your ECC82 valve. Here, there is no question of controlling the attack level of the tube. You directly control the gain and the character offered by the bias of the tube. Here you exploit the harmonic response of the tube in its maximum range. Thanks to the digital bias control you will finally be able to know the extended personality of your ECC82 valves.
Drive Path:
Harmonic Richness
at Your Fingertips.
The parallel ECC83 DRIVE channel offers a lush, H3-heavy harmonic palette. With its straightforward, effective design, the ECC83 dual triode lets you blend or contrast with the CLEAN path, enriching your sound. Customize your tone by balancing CLEAN and DRIVE levels, using them independently or in harmony. Designed to enhance mids and highs, the DRIVE channel also features a 'BASS BOOST' for expanded low-end response, perfect for deepening your bass tones.
Automatic Level Correction
& Stereo Valve Balance.
Immerse yourself in an exceptional audio experience with our innovative Automatic Level Control (ALC) feature on a tube preamplifier. When activated, the output level of the ultra-linear stage is automatically adjusted. This intelligent system ensures consistent output levels, compensating for any gain modifications in real-time. Additionally, our Stereo Valve Balance (SVB) functionality auto-adjusts the stereo channels, ensuring perfectly balanced left and right outputs. Our SRPP tube configuration not only maintains optimal harmonic integrity but also enhances the richness of your audio output. The STIGMATA ensures that your recordings achieve the perfect balance between clarity and warmth, making every session flawless.
Free your creativity and your time.
STIGMATA’s fully analog signal path is seamlessly navigated through its dedicated digital processor, ensuring a perfect blend of tube warmth and digital precision. Control your sound with the intuitive hardware interface, featuring tactile encoders and a touchscreen. Tailor your tone with advanced settings like SAVE/RECALL, input selection, phantom power, phase reversal, and by-pass options. Fine-tune the CLEAN and DRIVE gains, adjust the high-pass filter frequency, and monitor levels with precision—all designed to keep your focus on creativity, not complexity.

Instant Control with Capacitive Touchscreen.
Enjoy instant control with our Capacitive Touchscreen, designed to facilitate quick and effortless setup, making your workflow more efficient than ever.
Select input type on the front or rear panel, the STIGMATA takes care of the impedance. Make it disappear with the true By-pass function
With the finesse of the new analog HPF, drive with the finesse of Hertz
Adjust all levels via screen or rotary knobs. Activate features and brand your sound. It's time to unleash your creativity.
Just don't waste any more time in the next sessions. STIGMATA is not here for that. Spend time with your preamp to create.


Set the analogic level through Clean & Drive parallel channels

Set it to be ultra clean with your ribbons or bluesy with your singers.


Choose your way!

-Transfomer, PAD, Valve.. 

From front or back input, keep control over the impedance or use a pure bypass.


Push stigmas to their limits choosing the saturations of drive parallel valve way. Choose to drive In or Out transfomers..

or both!

Vu meter

Watch on screen panel or VST your stigmat levels before the output of this pure analog Class A output amplifier.


Save all your session setting in banks, remember your best sound recording, vocals, guitar, bass, drums and much more…

VST Mastery.
Shape your sound, Command your mix.

With this VST plugin, you can fully control your preamp directly from your favorite DAW interface. Adjust levels, modify and recall parameters, apply effects with unmatched precision, all without leaving your recording session. This seamless integration frees your creativity and productivity, offering you total and intuitive control over your preamp. Enjoy a professional audio experience where every adjustment is just a click away, for exceptional results.

Get creative.