This is a hybrid ! Develloped by our engineers , totally analog sound path, power by digitally driven. It combines the best of both worlds : the charm of analog with the efficiency of digital, for an absolute result.

          We created the STIGMATA motherboard like a digital cocoon around an analogic experience.

 In accordance with our quality policy, the analog audio circuit path is separeted of the digital supervisors.

     For it, we’ve selected the lastest & best quality components, the lastest & fastest JFET Analog Devide amplifier TL072ACP, the better THD and attenuation volume control circuit, the PGA2320 from Texas Instrument, and all of the most linear elements on market.

      All this components allow the STIGMATA to offer the better audio approach, but, the experience will not be complete without the knowledge of the routing of the PCB.

To avoid unwanted crosstalk & interference, we uses the lastest multilayer technologies, separated by ground plane layers , particulary in  the analog audio part wired entirely by hand, while supervisor part wired with the lastest surface components.


     Why not work at the line level when you sell a product dedicated to this?


     All STIGMATA components work at line level, this allows us not to go down to less conventional electronics levels. Your audio level remains far from the naturally noise generated by all electronics components. This allows the STIGMATA to have three times less noise, than other similary product on market.

     Our objectif?  That you are as close as possible to your sound recording, with agility and quickly action, without compromising on each other.